Excilor is the expert in the treatment of fungal nail infection (also known as onychomycosis). Excilor offers a unique efficacious and convenient treatment, which penetrates deep into the nail thanks to its unique Transactive™ Technology, is easy to use and does not damage the health.   Excilor, excellence in fungal nail treatment.  

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Roter Cystiberry is the expert in the treatment of Urinairy Tract Infection. It is the first medical device in Europe, based on Cranberry-ActiveTM, with a proven efficacy and without any side effects.  

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Valdispert is expert in the field of disorders of the central nerve system, such as stress, insomnia depression and loss of concentration. The brand offers an effective and safe range of natural solutions based on plant extracts and natural body compounds.

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Vemedia Consumer Health acquires Stardea

The Vemedia Consumer Health is pleased to announce the acquisition of Stardea, a fast growing Consumer Healthcare company in Italy. Financial terms are not disclosed. The acquisition of Stardea follows the acquisition of Oenobiol earlier this month.

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Vemedia Consumer Health enters into an agreement to acquire Oenobiol®

The Vemedia Group announced today that they have entered into an agreement with Sanofi for the acquisition of Oenobiol®, an iconic and well-known brand in the beauty nutritional supplements market.

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Vemedia Consumer Health acquires Labima

Vemedia Consumer Health executed definitive agreements to acquire Labima SA from Jacqueline Siméons and finance.brussels The transaction is expected to be finalized on July 1st, 2015 Financial terms are not disclosed

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