Vemedia was set up by Philips Duphar and Gist Brocades in 1961 initially as as a veterinary medicine business and shortly after self-care medication and pesticides were added to the portfolio.

In 2002 Yvan Vindevogel acquired Vemedia from Solvay and during the next decade following an ‘acquisition-and-build strategy’ the group acquired a number of businesses substantially growing sales from its brand portfolio and expanding its geographical presence in Europe and a number of emerging markets. The major milestones included the acquisition of Viatris in 2006 and Valdispert in 2008.
In order to finance this growth Vemedia made shares available to to the public.

In order to continue its ambitious growth strategy, Vemedia searched for for a financial partner and in 2012 IK Investment Partners took a substantial share in the Company with Yvan Vindevogel and management becoming minority shareholders.

At the end of 2012 Vemedia acquired Excilor a leading OTC brand for the treatment of fungal nail infection. In 2013, under new ownership, Vemedia entered the French market and during that year sold its chemical compounding business allowing Vemedia to become a virtually exclusive over-the-counter company with an extensive portfolio of products.