Vemedia acquires Distributie Care B.V.

Kortrijk, 14 December 2006 – Vemedia acquires Distributie Care b.v., active in the distribution, marketing and sales of major brands in the Dutch food supplement market. The assortment consists of products which are market leader in their niche or with a significant market share like Melatomatine, Glucon Combi, Prosta Totaal, Garlic Vitaal, Omega Combi, Cran Combi, etc.

Distributie Care b.v. has become a leading player in the Dutch self-medication market.

Vemedia will integrate the Distributie Care structure, and will further strengthen it’s leading market position in the self-medication and healthcare market.

Vemedia , located in Diemen in the Netherlands and Wauthier Braine in Belgium is a leading company in the field of self-medication products, healthcare products, repellents and insecticides with 140 employees at this moment. After the acquisition and integration the number of employees totals 150 people.

It’s product portfolio is a mix of own brands and brands of nationally and internationally renowned pharmaceutical companies, such as Norit, SC Johnson, Solvay Pharmaceuticals, Dentinox, Vifor, Zambon, Madaus and Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals.

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Yvan Vindevogel CEO Vemedia Group : +32 (0) 475 453 320
Rob Drenth COO Vemedia Group : +31 (0) 205 198 203
Nico Alberts CEO Vemedia B.V. (The Netherlands) : +31 (0) 655 740 080

Distributie Care b.v.

Maurice Thomas CEO Distributie Care b.v. : +31 (0) 653 930 203

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