Vemedia acquires Viatris Manufacturing B.V.

28th of March, 2006 – Vemedia acquires Viatris Manufacturing BV, including four well-known brands. Operational activities started in Belgium.

Vemedia Pharma NV, located in Kortrijk (Belgium), acquires a Dutch subsidiary of the Meda Group (former Viatris) per 28 th March 2006.

It concerns the production facility Viatris Manufacturing BV and four well-known brands, including the leading vitamin- and mineral supplement Dagravit.

This means a serious enforcement of Vemedia BV on the Dutch selfcare market. Vemedia herewith enters the top 3 of OTC-companies in The Netherlands.

Recently, the Vemedia Group has also extended its activities in Belgium. Here it shall apply itself both to the sales and marketing of OTC- and parapharmaceutical products as well as the distribution of raw materials for magisterial preparations to pharmacies and wholesalers, via a joint-venture with Propharex, a company with a quotation at the stock-exchange.

Vemedia BV, located in Weesp, the Netherlands, is a leading company in the field of self-medication products, healthcare products, repellents and insecticides with 20 employees at this moment. After the acquisition the number of employees totals 109 people. Its product portfolio is a mix of own brands and brands of nationally and internationally renowned pharmaceutical companies, such as Norit, GLN, SC Johnson, Solvay Pharmaceuticals, Dentinox, Vifor (Galenica), Zambon, Madaus and Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals.

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For additional questions about this acquisition, please contact one of the following persons:

Yvan Vindevogel CEO +32 (0) 475 453 320
Nico Alberts COO +31 (0) 294 460 100
Emile Hoefsmid CFO +31 (0) 294 460 100

Weesp, 28th March 2006

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