Vemedia Consumer Health acquires Labima

June 23, 2015 – Labima is a Belgian pharmaceutical company focused on production of niche OTC medicines and health products in its GMP facility located in Vorst (Brussels). Labima also delivers third party production services.

Yvan Vindevogel, Executive Chairman of the Board says: “With the acquisition of Labima, Vemedia will strengthen its position in the Belgian OTC (self-medication) market mainly through the added business coming from the fast growing brands R-Calm (anti-nausea) and Nustasium (sleep disorders). Vemedia Consumer Health Belgium holds already strong positions in the Belgian OTC business with well established brands as Valdispert (calming & sleeping) , Excilor (nail fungus), Méréprine (cough & cold) and Osteoplus (joint care).”

“Labima has been a respected Belgian pharmaceutical company for many years. Labima has developed excellent products – medicines and other health products – in specific categories” says Vemedia’s CEO Rob Drenth. “Combined with the marketing skills and commercial strength of Vemedia Consumer Health, we can bring these brands to a higher level and realize their full potential. The production plant in Brussels (Vorst) will also benefit from the integration within the Vemedia Consumer Health Group, as we will investigate opportunities to add manufacturing activity to Labima, building on expertise at Vemedia Manufacturing, our GMP production unit in Diemen.”

“We are excited to embrace the brands of Labima and integrate them in our portfolio” says RVP and CEO of VCHB, Hernando Acosta. “We see many opportunities to develop those brands and technologies, not only in Belgium but also in other countries.”

Created in 1952 by Jean Siméons, an Industrial Pharmacist, Labima was until today a 100% family business driven by his daughter Jacqueline Siméons. The full GMP and ISO 9001 approved plant is located near the center of Brussels and is about 700 m2 large. « The integration of Labima within the Vemedia Group is a great opportunity for both companies, from a commercial perspective as from an industrial point of view as well” says Jacqueline Siméons, CEO of Labima. “ I’m proud to hand over excellent products and a performing team.”

About Vemedia

Vemedia is a fast growing consumer health company, marketing leading self-medication brands primarily in selected Western European countries. Vemedia is headquartered in Diemen, the Netherlands and enjoys the #1 position amongst others in its home market.

Vemedia is the leader in Calming & Sleeping with flagship brand Valdispert and in Medicated Foot Care with major brand Excilor. Vemedia is active in a number of categories including Urinary Tract Infection, with Roter Cystiberry across geographies, and Vitamins, with Roter and Dagravit, in the Netherlands only.

Vemedia has its own operations in 8 countries and employs over 240 people. Via distributors Vemedia’s brands are represented in more than 40 countries worldwide. Vemedia manufactures the majority of its products in its GMP-licensed manufacturing facility, specialized in the production of (film-coated) tablets, sachets and capsules in bottles and blister packs. Vemedia has some contract manufacturing activity.

About Labima

Labima SA was created in 1952 by Jean Siméons, an Industrial Pharmacist, and was until today a 100% family business driven by his daughter Jacqueline Siméons, supported by her own daughter Nelly Slegers, both being Industrial pharmacists. Growing and improving constantly over the years, Labima moved in 1996 to the current site in Vorst. The full GMP and ISO 9001 approved plant is located near the center of Brussels and is about 700 m2 large. It produces tablets, capsules, solutions and emulsions. The production unit is equipped with several (sterile) white rooms, a uni-dose repacking zone and a warehouse. Labima employs nearly 20 people.

More information?

Labima : Jacqueline Siméons, CEO Labima, 02/349 03 01 SRIB : Mélusine Baronian, Responsable Communication, 0477/558 332
Vemedia : Hernando Acosta, Regional Vice-President and CEO VCHB, 0474/500 705

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